Testimonials from some happy customers with happy horses:

From the first day I used the cream on Jolee she liked it. So much so, she would turn around to watch me apply it. Going forward, each day she would place her rump in my direction and look to watch me apply the cream.

She would almost immediately become calmer too. This is a very hot, high strung mare who would stand in cross ties and paw and stomp to get attention. Most of this pawing behavior quieted following the use of the cream. She would even take a deep exhale and stand still on all four.  I was amazed at how well she took to it and actually appeared to await my arrival for her cream each morning.

During the periods where she was off the cream, she went back to pawing, jumping around and allover anxiously awaiting her grooming and tacking up.

My mare was almost like a different horse when on it.  I like that it’s natural and doesn’t harm her and that she seems so much more content when on it.

Wendy W.


A calm and focused mare is a happy mare.  Had the best ride of my life today!Cheryl-serene-mare

My mare has no “bitchiness” problems, but she can be spooky and unfocused. When she is in Estrus, she is just more vocal and a bit more unfocused. I gotta say I started this a week ago, and I have had nothing but AMAZING rides. Things that would normally distract her, she seems to not notice. It could just be the gradual training progression, but I feel like I have a different horse. I don’t promote products unless they have made a difference.

Anyway, if you have a spooky/distracted mare (it says it works on the boys too), it might be worth a try.

C. Cook, Horse Trainer


I had two mares in training that I tried Serene By Nature cream on.  Blue’s owner found her to be less reactive and easier to work around.  Uschi was pleasant the whole time, she only had one time where her bitch-switch was triggered and it was when asking her to open a gate, which she hates to do.serene-testimonial


Uschi had been (prior to using the cream) on an oral herbal blend which worked out okay for her, certainly preferable to Regumate.  I found that the Serene by Nature cream helped to mellow her more and keep her on an even keel… more like a gelding.

Over all, I feel that the hormonal highs and lows were evened out for both girls while they were on the cream.

They did not respond to, nor were they reactive to, the geldings on the property.  They both tend to be a bit mare-ish and demonstrative in their posturing for the boys.

Leslie G.


I have 4 mares that I tried with Serene By Nature cream.

The 2 mares with the most volatile personalities definitely showed improvement. One was  4 yr old TB mare who was typically very mellow but would have days where she truly was an “evil mare”.

She improved in the first month on the product and after the 3rd month there was almost no difference in her personality throughout the month.

I have continued her on the cream and she has remained very steady. For a green OTTB she is handling crowded noisy shows very well and is as easy to ride at a show as she is at home.

The cream is very easy to apply and I have not had any adverse reactions to horses or humans.

Cathy S.


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