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Serene By Nature Tackling Breeding Issues


Do you know any mares struggling with breeding issues?

Last year the owner of a mare named Ruby was struggling with losing her dream of breeding this mare, due to her breeding issues. Ruby is a 15-year-old Oldenberg Warmblood mare who was bought with the intention of showing her in dressage & hunter/jumper – and for the dream of ultimately breeding her.

Ruby’s breeding issues left her owner Vanessa ready to give up,

after two previous years of unsuccessful attempts at getting Ruby pregnant, to no avail.


The first year of breeding Ruby entailed using Regumate in efforts to regulate her cycle, promote ovulation and to attempt to maintain a pregnancy. But the Regumate was not achieving any of these desired results and Ruby was struggling with hormonal issues resulting from this regimen. Due to her imbalanced hormones she was noticeably suffering with pain throughout this process. She had an unstable uterus, poor edema, and low follicle counts down around only 46.

There were many vet visits and many ultrasounds and more Regumate (and lots of money spent). Finally, after too many attempts Ruby got pregnant, but she was unable to sustain the pregnancy and no foal resulted. Everyone was devastated.

The second year of trying to get Ruby pregnant was much like the first year – a lot of Regumate, vet visits and ultrasounds, all with the same results. Low follicles, poor edema and a stressed cervix. After many failed breeding attempts another year was lost with Ruby not achieving the desired pregnancy.

The third year Vanessa discovered Serene By Nature cream.

After having decided to give up on anymore breeding attempts, when Vanessa found Serene By Nature she realized that giving this cream a try would be the direct opposite approach from everything she had been unsuccessfully trying for the past several years.

The fact that Serene By Nature is bio-identical and all natural was all Vanessa needed to know to want to give it a try. In fact, it was also an additional relief to her that she did not have to have the same fears for her own health and safety that she experienced when administering Regumate (the possible side effects to handlers is quite a daunting list!).

Learning of this safe, natural and affordable option – Vanessa decided that she (and Ruby) had nothing to lose in giving it a try. This time Vanessa chose not to use any other medications or supplements on Ruby, only Serene By Nature cream.

Upon starting the cream Vanessa found that even with irregular weather patterns that seemed to be causing all the mares in the area to have their cycles be off-schedule, Ruby was able to establish regular cycles.

Vanessa reported that not only did her cycles become consistently 21 days

all along the way the cream also made her attitude better, with more focus throughout her heat cycles and an over-all better attitude. Ruby was visibly feeling better than ever before!

As well, the vet was able to confirm that she was producing larger follicles than ever before (50+), and that she was maintaining good edema, and had more healthy relaxed cervix.

What happened next was a dream come true for Vanessa. On the second attempt of breeding – RUBY GOT PREGNANT!

After 2 failed years of trying that included drugs, lots of (expensive) trips to the vet – all it took to get Ruby happily pregnant was a little dab of bio-identical cream applied topically twice a day. So exciting!!

Now the next hurdle was KEEPING this pregnancy, as she had lost a pregnancy 2 years earlier. Fortunately, Serene By Nature is to be continued until the 5th month of pregnancy for just this purpose. By continuing the Serene By Nature cream Vanessa was providing Ruby with the hormonal support that she needed to maintain a viable healthy pregnancy to full-term.


Ruby was able to enjoy a thriving, healthy, and care-free pregnancy – with everyone’s excited anticipation growing as they waited for June to come around.

On June 7th, 2019 Ruby gave birth to a gorgeous and healthy filly!! Her name is Sienna Song and she is adorable, healthy, feisty and loving life. Ruby has shown herself to be an awesome mom who is not only flourishing with optimal health, but is also happy and SERENE.


Here are two fun videos of Sienna & Ruby:

Vanessa thanked us here at Serene By Nature saying: “Thank you for all your help making Sienna possible and Ruby a much happier mare.  The cream balanced her out before and during the pregnancy. I am so grateful for your sponsorship!”

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Today’s Horses ~ Stress and the Endocrine System


Today’s horses are experiencing more stress than ever! 

Whether they are show horses, or endurance horses and even horses used for camping, all are subject to added stressors.

With the show season in full swing it’s a good time to stop and take a look at how stressors may affect competitive horses.

Horses are very emotional creatures who are adversely affected by stress.

Understanding this is imperative to having a healthy and happy competitive equine. How individual horses respond to potentially stressful situations differs, but many health ailments are originated from stress of one kind or another.

Stress can be defined as a general term which describes the combination of psychological and biological responses of an animal during real or perceived threatening circumstances. While the physiological response to stress is a highly complex subject, and certainly is not completely understood, scientists agree that there are two types of stressors.

Physical stressors are things such as injury, over-exertion or a change in the environment. Psychological stressors typically include situations that make the animal anxious or fearful. Uncertainty and fear of the unknown can be categorized as two of the major psychological stressors. Competing horses, and even horses who travel for seemingly leisurely activities such as camping, are exposed to both physical and psychological stressors.

The primary concerns with stress are the effects on the endocrine system.

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Exciting News-Ruby Is Pregnant!!


Are You Having Difficulty Getting Your Mare Pregnant?

A natural and effective solution to balancing and regulating a mares reproductive cycle is Serene By Nature.  Mares may benefit with regular, and healthy cycles, from this unique bio-identical cream.

A healthy cycle is essential to a successful conception and gestation.

Here is a heart warming (and relatable) testimonial from Vanessa regarding her beloved mare Ruby, who is now (Happily!!) nearly 90 days pregnant…

(Be sure to check out her video below!)

We have been on the road traveling with my mare Ruby for several years since she was five.  She had always seemed to have a regular cycle, but would have a very reactive day with erratic behavior.

She was having times where she had very painful cycles and her erratic behavior was getting much worse.

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BroodMares Sought for Sponsorship


Serene By Nature is Seeking Mares to Sponsor for Healthy and Successful Breeding’s!

Breeders, veterinarians, trainers, and private owners, with breeding  broodmares, are being sought to benefit from a sponsorship of Serene by Nature cream.

Serene by Nature cream is the new innovative, effective, and all-natural way to holistically support and balance the equine endocrine system. We are looking for mares who could benefit from a Bio-Identical support for healthy breeding’s.

Serene by Nature is looking for five broodmares to sponsor from pre-conception to healthy full-term gestation.

Do you know of any mares that have been having difficulties either getting, or staying, pregnant? Send us the mare’s story and we will pick five mares who might most benefit from natural support. We will provide enough Serene by Nature cream to aide in conception all the way thru to a healthy foal.    Email your mare’s story to  Click here for a questionnaire.

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