Spring is such a fabulous time of the year,

 Spring flowers are blooming, the days are getting warmer and longer, and…

Mares are Starting their Seasonal Cycles…

Supporting your mare naturally with Serene by Nature is the best way for you to have the kind of days where you can enjoy spring, rather than the ones where you might start to question owning a horse.

Did you know that Serene by Nature isn’t just for mares? Geldings and stallions may benefit as well.

Do you have a horse who is spooky, inconsistent, non-focused, too high-strung, or is just plain cranky…?  Then you will want to try out our amazing endocrine balancing cream to help bring out the extraordinary excellence you know is within your equine.

Have you seen our latest testimonials…?? Serene by Nature is literally saving lives and saving equine’s careers!

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Exciting NEWS ~ in just a few weeks we will be releasing a 2 ounce version of Serene by Nature cream!!

This will be great for traveling and for folks who want just a sample of the goodness that comes with using this amazing cream. Please do note, the longer you use the cream, the better the results, so this is just a ‘teaser’ tube. 😉

Serene by Nature cream is a one of a kind metabolic formula created to intrinsically support equines during their regular seasonal cycles, which may benefit their attitude, performance, focus, and trainability, as well as breeding thru gestation.

For those looking for a holistic alternative to prescription synthetic hormones, or herbal blends that will test negatively (USEF & FEI compliance), Serene by Nature topical cream may be the best possible natural choice.

Supporting the endocrine system is essential to achieving optimal health and over all well-being, as the balance or lack of, directly effects every cell in the body and the brain. A healthy balance is a vital component for overall good health, attitude, performance, and a flourishing and stable reproductive system.

Here’s to a Bright, Happy, Calm, and Serene Spring!
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