SERENE BY NATURE® Launches New Bio-Identical Endocrine Supporting Topical Cream for Equines


SERENE BY NATURE Launches New Bio-Identical Endocrine Supporting Topical Cream for Equines           

TEHACHAPI, CA – September 2017 – Introducing SERENE BY NATURE cream – the new innovative, effective, and all-natural way to safely support and balance the equine endocrine system. This one-of-a-kind nutraceutical is naturally beneficial for nervous, spooky, hard to handle horses and mares suffering from PMS (Pissy Mare Syndrome).

SERENE BY NATURE cream was created to help holistically balance equines during their regular seasonal cycles, which may help with attitude, performance, focus, and trainability.

SERENE BY NATURE is the first ever bio-identical topical cream for horses,

and it is unparalleled by any other product on the market. With transdermal absorption as the best delivery system for this metabolic product, SERENE BY NATURE cream is easy to apply and hassle free for fussy eaters.

Most importantly, SERENE BY NATURE does not come with the myriad of serious health concerns that are associated with synthetic products such as Regumate or Medroxyprogesterone.

*Currently USEF is considering banning Medroxy for geldings and stallions.*

SERENE BY NATURE cream has no known negative side effects or drug interactions,

and it won’t test negatively in competitions, as will nearly all the available herbal products that are commonly used for calming horses. Our unique formula was created to effectually provide an intrinsic support for horses during all their regular seasonal cycles.

SERENE BY NATURE cream aids in promoting calmness, focus, and a consistently good attitude in the ring and out on the trail, every day. SERENE BY NATURE cream is veterinarian tested, approved, and recommended.

For those looking for alternatives to prescription synthetic hormones and herbal blends that will test negatively (USEF & FEI compliance), SERENE BY NATURE topical cream is the best possible choice.


Serene By Nature. Balancing Mares for All Seasons.

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