AHVMA 2017 Conference – SERENE BY NATURE® and TICKS-OFF® Will Be There!

SERENE BY NATURE and TICKS-OFF are launching with a booth (#120) at this year’s American Holistic Veterinarian Medical Association Conference in San Diego October 21st thru 24th.

The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA) is a group of member veterinarians and allies who are elevating the veterinary profession through innovation, education, and advocacy of integrative medicine. The AHVMA publishes the only peer-reviewed scientific journal focusing exclusively on integrative veterinary medicine, The Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, four times yearly.

The Association also holds an annual conference and retreat in various locations throughout the United States. This conference is the premier source of post-graduate integrative veterinary medical continuing education worldwide. Ticks-Off and Serene by Nature are looking forward to spending time with Dr. Joyce Harman and Dr. Jean Dodds, who were both incredibly instrumental in the 2016 clinical field study trials for Serene by Nature.

Serene By Nature ~ The First Ever Bio-Identical Nutraceutical Endocrine Support For Mares and other high-strung horses, delivered in a topical calming cream.  Serene-By-Nature

This one-of-a-kind metabolic formula was created to intrinsically balance equines during their regular seasonal cycles, which may benefit their attitude, performance, focus, trainability, and breeding thru gestation. Serene by Nature is all natural, veterinarian tested, approved, and recommended, and is herb-free, as well as USEF and FEI compliant.

Ticks-Off ~ The First Ever Tick Deterrent/Deflector Topical Spray. Pesticide-free-tick-deterrent

This pesticide free product does not attempt to kill or repel ticks, instead it literally stops the ticks from being able to cling onto the hair in the first place. What makes Ticks-Off so unique is that it is effective immediately (unlike Frontline or Advantix II) and it is totally pesticide free.  Also, Ticks-Off actually conditions and protects the coat, and deters dirt, while deflecting ticks and bot fly eggs. Ticks-Off can safely and competently be used in conjunction with any and all other pest prevention products.

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