Hormones and my horse. How does their balance, or lack of, effect my horse?

Hormones are basically chemical messengers that transfer signals between cells and they affect everything from metabolism to mood.

They control, stimulate or inhibit cell growth, help and hinder our immune system, and prepare our bodies for the various stages of life all the way from birth to death.

They also play a key role in the reaction to life situations such as fight or flight responses as well as mating.

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Hormones can also regulate the production and release of other hormones and work to keep the body in balance both with itself and with the surrounding environment.

Unfortunately synthetic hormones are not capable of providing such a wide range of life-enhancing functions.

When hormones are out of balance every aspect of a horses health and attitude can be affected. Often, especially in an industrialized nation, hormones in horses get out of balance due to the introduction of manufactured feeds and environmental pollutants.

 A short lesson on  hormones:serene-mare-foal

The steroid hormones look similar in their molecular structure, but their effects in the body are quite different.  Though their physical differences are slight, they are responsible in determining between a male and a female, pregnancy and infertility, fatigue and energy.

They also affect all parts of the body including the brain, bones, circulation, digestion, liver, kidneys, nerves, muscles, reproductive organs, and the immune system – providing the body with a powerful ability to resist disease.

Hormonal balance is essential to overall good health and good attitude. When your horse is out balance certain symptoms/behaviors may be noticed:

  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Over sensitivity or spookiness
  • Ovarian Cysts

Even though the molecular structure of the steroid hormones is identical within the human, animal, and plant kingdom, that is not the case with synthetic hormones.

Synthetic hormones are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies and are created from an altered molecular structure that is different than natural hormones found in nature.

What’s best for your horse?  We think Natural is the Way To Go!

Always remember patience when trying to balance the body naturally, healing takes time.  A body does not get out of balance overnight, and therefor the same will hold true for the healing and balancing process.



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