Serene by Nature Cream

Promotes Mare Calmness and Focus

A topical calming cream that naturally helps your horse consistently be at their best during their seasonal cycles!

Natural, Effective, and Affordable.

Serene by Nature topical cream is a metabolic formula created to help naturally balance equines during their regular seasonal cycles, which may benefit their attitude, performance, focus, and trainability.  For those looking for alternatives to prescription synthetic hormones and herbal blends that will test negatively (USEF & FEI compliance), Serene by Nature topical cream is the best possible natural choice.

Veterinarian tested and recommended.

Supporting the endocrine system is essential to achieve optimal health and over all well-being, as the balance or lack of directly effects every cell in the body and the brain. A healthy balance is a vital component for overall good health, attitude, and performance.

Serene by Nature topical cream was developed by Shelly Black, who’s goal is to help you have the healthiest, happiest and best performing animals possible.

Our Mission

In domestic life many horses suffer from health and behavioral issues that are directly related to an imbalance within their endocrine system. This is due to our industrialized way of life and the related exposures that are encountered by all.

Serene by Nature provides the sensible and natural choice for balancing your horse’s body and behavior safely, effectively, and without prescription drugs.  Our goal is to help your horse consistently be the best they can be by supporting a healthy and balanced endocrine system.

Helping your horse to be their best around the stable, on the trails, and in the show ring.  A happy horse makes for a happy day for all!

Welcome to our Serene by Nature family where feeling good on a daily basis is the norm, not the exception.





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